From jingles to short films, I have the experience to write and arrange for any size ensemble in an effort to successfully represent a brand or thematic concept. I have written for multiple student films, scored for orchestra, big band, small ensemble, as well as arrange multiple originals for my band, Standby. When working with a client, my goal is to realize the image in their mind, with my personal musical stamp/aesthetic set aside, unless otherwise noted. In some cases, I work with clients because they enjoy the image that my, more personal, music creates, but I also often create music specifically tailored to the client's needs.


When engineering, my goal is to put vibe and aesthetic over what tends to be technically correct. More often than not, bands/solo artists approach me with the need to set their sound apart from other musicians. With this attention to detail in mind, I chose to approach engineering projects with the intention of getting the best possible performance with the best, and most aesthetically appropriate sound. I find that getting too technical in the recording process creates a office-like vibe, when, in actuality, performing music is most certainly not tedious work.


Most of my performing is done with my band, Standby, though upon special request I do work as a session acoustic guitar player or saxophone player. Along with this, I often do jazz trio/quartet, or rock/pop gigs with a re-arranged version of my group, Standby. We can play classic jazz standards or classic rock/pop tunes for up to three hours with an extremely professional and unique sound. 


My definition of producing is specific. Often times, bands ask to be produced when they actually just need someone to record their songs. Production, on the other hand, is a much more involved process. As a producer, I get to know the artist and I get to know the songs. I work with the artist in the event of a song needing to be reshaped or re-orchestrated, often times adding new sections or even taking some away. These decisions are ALWAYS agreed upon with the artist due to the understanding that we are collectively creating a better composition. Beyond this, if the song calls for it, I may arrange parts for strings, horns, and the like to bring the song to the professional level it needs to be at in order to compete with other tracks of its kind. In the end, my work as a producer is done to take a preexisting demo and develop it into a fully-realized and professionally intricate song.